NeurElement Endurance Sports Drink
The Future of Sports Drinks and Rehydration

NeurElement Endurance Sports Drink
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The Future of Sports Drinks and Rehydration 



NeurElement Endurance Sports Drink is a rehydration formula designed for elite endurance athletes. It was originally produced for Marine Special Forces and combat units working in dry, remote areas under strenuous conditions for long periods of time, and it has been optimized for endurance athletic performance. It was developed by a critical care physician to solve shortcomings of existing rehydration methods. The primary differences in NeurElement Sports Drink are:


  • the unique balance of electrolytes optimized for endurance athletes
  • the balance of acid/base physiology
  • the use of all-natural juice and ingredients
  • the slight and subtle sweetness for maximum refreshment
  • the goal levels of rehydration and promoting the benefits of slight under-rehydration
  • the ability to promote innate physiological mechanisms that aid performance
  • the avoidance of arbitrary or detrimental levels of vitamins and electrolytes

All aspects of NeurElement Sports Drink are designed to optimize performance in endurance sports. Simply attempting to replace what is lost in sweat is inadequate, because many other factors affect the levels of electrolytes and fluid in the blood, particularly organs such as the kidneys, muscles, and lungs. NeurElement was designed specifically for the physiology of endurance athletes. In addition, NeurElement Sports Drink avoids many of the gimmicks of other sports drinks and energy drinks, which can include deleterious amounts of electrolytes, vitamin overloading, caffeine (which can cause significant dehydration), or other artificial or unnecessary chemicals. Certain electrolytes can actually increase in concentration during endurance sports, and these changes directly affect the ability of muscles to perform. NeurElement optimizes that performance for endurance athletes. Learn more about this research to see how it can benefit you.


Also learn about our new Sports Water, the first water to include electrolytes specific to athletic rehydration as well as certain molecules essential to cellular energy production. NeurElement Sports Water tastes just like pure water, yet provides many other essential components for rehydration. Many top athletes, including marathon runners, choose to rehydrate solely with NeurElement Sports Water. Learn more and order here.


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